Our Company was born with the goal of becoming a high quality and professional organization, and we sincerely feel that we have reached and maintained that goal. Main Street Plumbing Sewer And Drain are committed to providing superior service to our customers. We were taught from the very beginning to perform the work right the first time and that is still the philosophy for everyone in the company to this day.


Water heater

A leaking hot water heater can be a cause of major damage to your property. Rather than being make a hasty service decision, plan ahead to install new water heater Main Street Plumbing Sewer And Drain technicians can evaluate the condition of your existing system to ensure that it is operating safely and can propose high efficiency models, along with some professionally installed features that can provide the quantity of hot water to satisfy your family's requirements as well as protecting one of your biggest investments - your home!

In addition, water heater removal and installation can be dangerous because it requires you to work with propane.  Main Street Plumbing Sewer And Drain professionals are trained and experienced in installing tank less water heaters.  We will take care of all your demands so that your tank less water heater will be seamlessly installed.